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Diana's Room

Diana holds up pumpkinHi! I'm Diana. I'm 9 years old and I'm in Third Grade. My birthday is March 7, 1996, and I've been on the Internet ever since I was just a few weeks old. I think Lizzie McGuire is totally cool, and I love candy, Spongebob Squarepants, arts and crafts, spaghetti, and my favorite teddy bear, Valentine. I also love pizza, especially when Nonno makes it!

On October 10 Grandma and Grandpa Day took Steven and me to the pumpkin patch. This is the pumpkin I painted.

Diana skatingDiana has been taking skating lessons at the Bowie Ice Arena for just more than a year now, and is loving it! She's getting more steady on the ice these days and will be attending a skating camp this summer.

diana practices balancing on skates.

Diana's Photo Pages

Diana's 9th Birthday Celebration
Diana standing on scooter in front of azalea bushFun Fair 2003
Diana's Website

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