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Fun Fair, 2003

Diana with Dinosaur CharacterOn a cold and drizzly May 17, we attended the Fun Fair at Diana's school. This event is one of the school's major fundraisers for the year. We were all freezing, but enjoyed ourselves anyway! Here's Diana posing with a friendly orange dinosaur.

Diana gets her face paintedLuckily, there were a few indoor activities. Here's Diana getting her face painted...

Diana with Painted Face

...Voila! The results.

Diana and the bunnyThe Fun Fair included a petting zoo! We really enjoyed getting up close to some baby animals.

Steven pats the bunnySteven wasn't too sure about touching the bunny; he preferred to stand there and say, "hi!"

steven with a miniature donkeySteven preferred the miniature donkey, and was very excited to see such an unusual little animal! This donkey's name was, "Jelly Bean."

llama faceNo, this is not the famous Emperor Kuzco... but maybe his princess cousin!! This lovely lady llama was NOT shy about posing for the camera.

Diana on the monkey barsDiana shows mommy how she can scale the "muscle man" monkey bars on the playground.

Diana on the ponyWe ended the day with a ride on the ponies. Here's Diana getting ready for her ride. Steven decided not to test his equestrian skills this year. Maybe next time...

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