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Steven's First Skating Lesson

February 5, 2005

waiting for lessons to beginSteven has been watching Diana skate since last year. He loves going to the skating rink each week, and has tried to walk out onto the ice a couple of times. But he just had his third birthday, so now he's old enough to go on the ice by himself (without a parent). Here he is, patiently waiting for his lesson to begin. For now, he's practicing just standing on his skates.

scaredAs the lesson began, Steven was a little scared to listen to his teacher, who was a man he had never met before. Steven wasn't sure if he wanted to go skating.

steven's teacher coaxes him to tryAnother teacher, Heba, saw that Steven was scared and she went over to coax him and convice him to give it a try. Heba is Deaf and uses sign language, and she and Mommy talk together sometimes. Heba also helped with one of Diana's earlier skating lesson sessions.

Steven is starting to get the hang of itWith Heba's help, Steven starts to move tentatively across the ice.

Steven skates by himselfNow he's getting the hang of it! Here he comes! He's still not quite ready to skate without support, but he did try it for a minute or two, and we don't think it will be long before he's zipping along like a pro! Yay, Steven!

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