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Steven's First Days

Steven James Day
January 28, 2002
8 lbs. 13 ozs., 20 inches long

Steven James DayHello world! I'm here! Dr. Downing delivered me safely to my mommy and daddy via C-section at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. Mommy, Daddy, and Mommy's doula, Melissa, were there to see me being born. I started to cry right away before I was even all the way out of my Mommy's tummy, and I even grabbed one of the doctor's surgical clamps and would not let go! I was MAD when they took it away from me! My Mommy said that my cry sounded like a mad cat crossed with a frog! My Grandpa Bryan took this picture of me when I was about three hours old.

Steven's birth announcementThis is my birth announcement--special thanks to my friends Christine Martens for use of her beautiful poem, and to Donna Birtles for creating the announcement! I feel so special to have such wonderful friends!

Steven Stretching
This is Steven at one day old... STR-R-R-ETCH!

Diana sees Steven for the first timeI was SO excited to finally meet my big sister, Diana! She came to visit me in the hospital on the very day that I was born. During the time that I was growing in my mommy's tummy, Diana kissed mommy's tummy and talked to me every day. Now, she can kiss me for real! I finally got to see her face after hearing her voice for so long. I think my big sister is very pretty and I will be so glad when I am big enough to play with her!

Diana holding stevenDiana holds Steven for the first time (right). She's a little overwhelmed being in the hospital, but says her new brother is very cute.

Steven came home when he was a week old. Diana was happier to hold him then!

Trish, John and StevenThese two tired, bedraggled looking people are my mommy and daddy. This picture was taken on the day after I was born, and Mommy is out of bed already! They'll be looking tired and bedraggled for many months to come...

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