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Baptism Day

April 7, 2002

Diana John Trish and StevenThis is me on my baptism day, with my Mommy, Trish; my Daddy, John; and big sister, Diana. Reverend Harry Baxter of the College Park United Methodist Church, came to my house and performed the ceremony right in my very own living room. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with the love of family and friends. My good friend and namesake, "Big Steve," took these pictures, which I would like to share with you now.

Steven with Uncle Mike and Aunt LauraHere I am with my godparents, Laura and Mike, who are my Daddy's brother and sister. They both came from faaaaaar away, just to spend my special day with me.

three grandparents reading from the ceremony bookThese are three of my grandparents, Daddy's Mommy and Daddy, Bill and Linda, and my Nonna, Mommy's mommy.

pouring of the waterAs the ceremony began, Rev. Baxter poured the water as he explained the meaning of baptism.

Steven is baptizedAnd then I was baptized. I only squirmed a little but I didn't even cry. Everyone said a prayer for me and then the ceremony ended.

Uncle Mike and Aunt MelMy Uncle Mike and Aunt Mel came in from Florida just to spend the day with me. I feel so special!! I can't wait until I'm big enough to visit Uncle Mike's "boss" in Orlando!

I had some really special visitors that day, all the way from Israel! They are friends of my Mommy and Daddy, through their project for parents with disabilities. See those pictures here.

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