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Steven Hits the Terrific Twos!

steven opens a birthday giftOn January 28, 2004, our baby, Steven James, turned two! On the day of his birthday we had a small party with grandparents in attendance. Steven loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and trains in general, and you could say he had a very "trainy" birthday!

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday CakeNonna made this special Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake which we all shared on Steven's birthday. Yum!

Steven at his school partyA few days after Steven's birthday, we had a celebration for him in his daycare classroom. Unfortunately, the guest of honor was a bit cranky and not into celebrating; there had been a false alarm fire drill during naptime that afternoon!

Steven plays with new train setOn February 7, we had Steven's party with the family, and he had a fabulous time. Except, that is, when we lit the candles on his cake and started singing. He got upset, and waved his arms, and cried, "No bir-day; no bir-day!" We're not sure whether he was upset by the candles or our off-key, but well-intentioned singing!

As we might have mentioned, :-) Steven loves trains! Grandma and Grandpa Day gave him a leap frog train set for his birthday which he couldn't wait for Daddy to set up.

Grandma's Train Cake
Grandma made a special train cake for Steven's family party. This time, Steven is the engineer! And his passengers are Daddy, Diana, and Mommy.

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